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Breakdance: Breakdance Personalities - Mr. Wiggles

Breakdance Personalities - Mr. Wiggles
Steffan "Mr. Wiggles" Clemente is one of the more well-known street dancers, particularly for his popping skills. He is a member of the "Rock Steady Crew" and "The Electric Boogaloos". Wiggles has been active as a dancer, actor, choreographer, dance instructor, music producer and graffiti artist.


Mr. Wiggles first developed his performance skills doing the Robot. During his early days he was influenced by his older sister Wanda before being introduced to breakdancing after meeting a neighborhood kid who asked if he was a B-boy. At the time, he didn't know what a B-boy was but after the young kid showed some freezes Wiggles was inspired and started learning breakdancing.

Mr. Wiggles has enjoyed a diverse career working with, among others, Graciele Danielle, Savion Glover, Bill Irwin, Lynne Taylor Corbett and Anne Marie D'Angelo. He has been commissioned to produce a musical piece for Kurt Weill's September Songs with musicians Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop and Betty Carter. He has been a featured artist at the Apollo Theater, performed at the Kennedy Center honoring the Nicholas Brothers and appeared in music videos with artists including Missy Elliot, Usher, Madonna and Limp Bizkit.

Wiggles performs as a solo artist and with the Electric Boogaloos and Rock Steady Crew. He is also committed to participating in outreach programs teaching youth about the positive aspects of hip hop culture.

The questionnaire

Mr Wiggles is a South Bronx Puerto Rican born raised on HIP HOP since the early 70's. Learned all his HIP HOP crafts in the harsh streets of the Bronx.

WRITING - graffiti

ROCKIN - vertical style dance done by many Latinos in the 70's

BREAKIN/BBOYIN - involves Top Rock, Footwork and Freezes

MCin - what is now known as RAP

POPPIN - robotic dance style created in Fresno CA.

LOCKIN - dance style created in LA made popular by Rerun on TV show What's happening)

BEAT MAKER - HIP HOP music producer

Wiggles is a proud member of three major forces in HIP HOP and Funk Styles culture "Rock Steady Crew", the "Electric Boogaloos" and "Zulu Nation".

Mr Wiggles started his career as a dancer by battling throughout the tuff streets of New York city, and eventually throughout the world.

Wiggles built his reputation as a battler, and eventually took his skills to major stages all around the world
including Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Canada, and on the great stages of Broadway. Wiggles has also been credited with two important movies that helped established HIP HOP "Beat Street" and "Wild Style".

Wiggles is still learning his crafts till this day, and will remain a true student of the culture till the day he dies. wiggles is married to his beautiful wife Zoraya Clemente, and has 6 incredible children, Unico, Alexandra, Talib, Ammar, Atiya, and Zamaria (I know that's allot of kids but he is Puerto Rican so what did you expect).

Mr Wiggles is now working on a new clothing line called "BRIGANTE" with his current business partner Zeus. You will be hearing allot from this company in the near future.


Wiggles was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for the Ghettoriginal production of Jam on the Groove. He won a Bessie Award for Best Choreography for the theatrical production of So What Happens Now, a play dedicated to Buck4, a deceased Rock Steady Crew member.

Recently, Wiggles along with the members of Rock Steady Crew was acclaimed at the first VH-1 Hip Hop Honors.
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