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Break Dance
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Breakdance: Elements And Famous B-Boying Crews Existing Today

Elements And Famous B-Boying Crews Existing Today
Bboying is a style of dance originated in the early 1970s in New York city and was mass published to the whole world in the movie "Flashdance" in 1983 which featured New York's hip-hop scene.

Bboying evolved from almost every dance, acrobatic and martial arts style such as: tap, jazz, capoeira, balkan, ballroom, folks style, shaolin kung-fu, circus, lindy hop, scottish, square and swing.

The word bboying itself, merged from the African word "boioing" which means to hop or jump, and what James Brown called the boys who hop in dance circles to the breaks of his song; "bboys."

Bboying is one of the 4 elements of the hip-hop culture.

It includes:

  • Tops and uprocks

  • Footworks

  • Drops

  • Spins

  • Mills

  • Flares

  • Airtracks

  • Freezes

  • Kicks

  • Flips

  • Swipes

  • Floats

  • Chairs

  • Hops

  • Flexibiles
and many more to be discovered....

Some of today's world bboying/breakdancing crews:

  • HaviKORO

  • Headhunterz

  • Rock Steady crew

  • KnuckleheadZOO

  • Circus Runaways

  • Freakshow

  • Vicious Germz

  • Jive Turkeys

  • Massive Monkeez

  • Pockemon

  • Wanted

  • Vagabonds

  • Roc k Force crew

  • Natural Effects

  • Terror Bunch

  • La Smala

  • SpinKingz

  • Last 4 one

  • Obowang

  • Gamblers

  • Rivers

  • Drifterz

  • TNA

  • Masters of Mayhem

  • Flexible flaves

  • Easystep

  • Xtreeme

  • Phase T

  • Ichigeki

  • LA Breakers

  • Brickheadz

  • Zulu Kingz

  • Style Crax

  • King size

  • Dawn squad

  • Afrojazz

  • Primates
and many more...
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