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Break Dance
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Breakdancing Breakdown Breakdancing Breakdown
From The Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine Issue (1996)
Elements And Famous B-Boying Crews Existing Today Elements And Famous B-Boying Crews Existing Today
Breakdancing is a media term for bboying.
From B-Boy's Point Of View From B-Boy's Point Of View
Written by Anthony Lawang aka B-boy Lamaroc who is a member of the Fresh Sox crew/Zulu Kings. A practioner of Hiphop and member of the Hiphop organization Djindi Worabak (Australian chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation).

Power Moves vs. Styles Power Moves vs. Styles
Style is dope because it defines who you are as a dancer.

Dummy's Guide to Popping, Locking, and Bboying Dummy's Guide to Popping, Locking, and Bboying
A quick guide to popping, locking, and bboying.
Hip Hop Dance Hip Hop Dance
Hip hop dance refers to dance styles primarily danced to hip hop music, or that have evolved as a part of the hip hop culture.
Krumping Krumping
Krumping (also clown dancing or clowning) is a fast growing style of hip hop dance.
Tutting Tutting
Tutting is the name given to a contemporary abstract interpretive dance style that exploits the body's ability to create geometric positions and movements, predominately with the use of right angles.
Liquid dancing Liquid dancing
Liquid dancing (or liquiding) is a form of gestural, interpretive dance that sometimes involves pantomime.
Locking Locking
Locking (originally Campbellocking) is a comical street dance style. It relies on perfect timing and frequent "locking" of limbs in time with the music. Locking dancers ("lockers") have a distinctive dress style, resembling clowns or mimes.

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