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Break Dance
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Breakdance Video

Chicago Breakdance Battle - Northside vs Southside

Local Chicago Breakdancers from Floor Physics, TNA crew, Chicago Tribe, Brickheadz and more chicago HipHop!
Breakdance in Hollywood

A group of youngster was doing breakdance on the street of Hollywood.
Ground Damage Breakdance Video

Ground Damage Crew Breakdancing, some of it at the davenport tunnel, and don't forget ace the dog!
Breakdance Battle: Principal v. Student (CharterSkool and Co.)

This is a movie of a breakdance battle held between a principal and a student at Charter's Spirit Day (November 2005)
Breakdance Battle: MC Hammer vs. Vanilla Ice

Junior Mega Breakdance

Underground BreakDance Vol.1 From the Street around the world

Underground BreakDance Vol.2 From the Street around the World

Uncut Battle Clips of B Boy competitions from LA Hazze Poppin
Underground BreakDance Vol.3 From the Street around the World

Wanted Posse (France) Battle of the Year show 2001

Breakdance - Wanted Posse Show BOTY 2001

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