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Break Dance
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Breakdance Video

Midget B-Boy Battle

It takes some big moves to win a midget b-boy battle.
Vincent Gallo: Breakdancer (1984)

Back in the day, Vincent Gallo rocked the spot with the freshest of moves.
Vin Diesel Breakdancing

Yes, it's him! And boy, is he smoove.
Breakdancing with Mr. T

Creating is a way of making your mark. Perhaps no one exemplifies this philosophy better than Mr. T, who rocks the body electric with some stone-cold amateur breakdancing.
Breakdancing for the Pope

2004 - Polish breakdancers get John Paul II's blessing at the Vatican.
Mr. Rogers Breakdancing

Bust a move with everyone's favorite kids show host.

Bodybuilding Pop and Lock

Persian-born bodybuilder King Kamali busts some signature moves during a competition. (2005)

Wild Style (1983)

It's time for some fresh B-Boy action from the early 80s, when Time Zone teamed up with Afrika Bambaataa for the futuristic "Wild Style."
Robot Bodybuilder Pop-n-Lock

Russian bodybuilder Alexander Vishnevskiy shows off his robot-style pop and lock.
Kollaboration (2001)

David "Elsewhere" Bernal, perhaps best known for body-poppin' Gene Kelly moves, cuts the rug in an appearance from 2001.

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