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Graffiti: Concepts Of Graffiti Subculture

Concepts Of Graffiti Subculture
Back to back: A wall that is pieced from end to end all the way across.

Bombing: to go out writing

Buff: any means of removing graffiti; to buff out or clean the surface

Burner: a well-done piece; a burner is a winner

Crew: a crew is a group of writers

Getting-up: successfully ‘hitting' a train, wall, building, etc...; completing a graffiti design.

Going-over: Going over is when one writer or a crew of writers paint over another's work. Usually writers are respectful of others' work. Going over another work is a sign of disrespect and can sometimes lead to confrontations and violence.

Hip-Hop: a culture that emerged in the late 70's and 80's. Hip-hop is a culture that encompasses DJs, MCs, Break dancers, and graffiti writing.

Krylon: a brand of spray-paint that is commonly used by graffiti artists

Lay-ups: areas where the NYC trains would park over night

Mural: Murals are large-scale pieces; usually commissioned. Many people do not consider murals to be a form of graffiti, as they often do not contain words and are almost always produced legally.

Panel Piece: A painting below the windows and between the doors of a subway car.

Piece: (from ‘masterpiece') pieces are large in scale and highly stylized. Using multiple colors and color transitions, 3-D effects, and graphic images, pieces take much longer to create and earn the writer much more respect. Pieces can take anywhere from a day to a week to complete.

Stencils: a form of street art that uses cardboard, paper, or other media to create an image or text that is easily reproducible.

Stickers: a form of street art where the message is conveyed by stickers. Stickers can contain messages varying from simple names to complex political agendas.

Tags (tagging): single-line writings, usually of the artist's alias or crew. Though tags are usually composed of only one color, the signatures are not without style. Often the cursive-type style and cryptic crew initials and/or logos make it difficult, if not impossible, for those unversed in graffiti language to understand.

Throw-ups: Throw-ups are slightly more complex than tags, but take less time than the intricate pieces. Throw-ups are usually one or two color compositions: an outline and one layer of fill color.

Top to bottom: A piece that extends from the top of the car to the bottom, completely covering it. Can also refer to a wall or building that has been pieced from top to bottom.

Toy: an inexperienced writer; an amateur or a copycat

Wildstyle: a complicated construction of interlocking letters and designs.

Writer: a person who creates graffiti
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