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News: Adidas Releases Limited Edition Stan Smith Sneakers

Adidas Releases Limited Edition Stan Smith Sneakers
Celebrating the release of the new 'adicolor' Stan Smith IIs and adidas original clothing, the store had a live DJ playing Hip-Hop music's most classic records. From Snoop Dogg's 1993 smash "Who Am I (what's my name)" on over to the Notorious BIG's "Sky's the Limit" the store was crowded. Sneaker collectors, fans of Hip-Hop, and even probably some who were just walking by had to stop in to see what all the commotion was about in adidas flagship store.

SoJones, co-founder of the 1st Hip-Hop Fashions focused magazine, was found in the crowd of shoppers browsing the new adicolor releases. "Man it's crazy in here. I love the atmosphere and it fits in with the hype of the products. It's what right now, 12 PM, and my size sold out long ago. I'm a fan of adidas (showing off the anniversary shell toes he has on) and picking up some for my club members, so I'll take what I can get for them," referring to his new, exclusive, sneaker club. is the first Sneaker club to offer most of their merchandise from Nike, Bape Sta, adidas, and other sought after shoe brands for their original retail price.

'Hopefully Nike, adidas, and others will start giving the club some VIP attention. We've already been praised by some Nike representatives for what Sneaker Cut is doing. That lets me know everyone is watching us, so we're just trying to deliver the exclusives. These Stan Smiths are crazy, everyone loves these Kermits that I've talked to especially' said the co-founder as well.

Moving beyond the SoJones CEO, the store's fashionable crowd was immense and diversified. Some were reminiscent of Usher's sleek, adidas Yohji Yamamoto flavor, capping off the outfit with shell toe classics. Skate boarders were coming in with high top adidas and baggy shorts that were highly reminiscent of the Hip-Hop crowd's style during the mid 90s. An internationally known soccer coach even stopped in with his workout bag to pickup a pair.

Simply put, the adidas shoe release event was live. The Stan Smiths brought in a large crowd of people throughout the day.

The shoes bringing in the crowds of people were part of adidas' Stan Smith II collection. Split into two themes, the collection had a group of collaboratively designed sneakers and the classic white theme which paid homage to the original shoe.

In the Stan Smith II's collaboratively designed group of adidas sneakers there were 6 new pair released at the adidas store. Entitled after the characters the shoes were themed around, Trimm Dich, Tron, Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy, Betty Boop, and Mr Happy adidas Stan Smith IIs were released. founder reported most sneakers he asked about at the store were sold out or with limited sizing. Those that weren't sold out, you had to go to another store.

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