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News: Crunchy Black leaves Three 6 Mafia

Crunchy Black leaves Three 6 Mafia
Crunchy Black got his Oscar and has now left the building. A spokesman for Sony Records has confirmed that the member of Three 6 Mafia has officially parted ways with group mates Paul "DJ Paul" Beauregard and Jordan "Juicy J" Houston.

The reason for Crunchy's exit is unknown, but Sony claims the decision was entirely his own, and he was not forced out. In a recent interview with Hot 97's Miss Info, DJ Paul and Juicy J said they haven't spoken to Crunchy in several months.

According to, the artist is in the studio working on a solo album tentatively titled "From Me to You, 1 The Hard Way."

The rapper, whose real name is Darnell Carlton, wasn't able to leave behind a March 2006 lawsuit that has been filed against him and the rest of Three 6, including former member Cedric Coleman. Ramone Williams is accusing the group members of assaulting him as they performed their song "Let's Start a Riot" at the Rock Jungle Night Club.

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