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News: Jay-Z Wants To Go Into A International Tour

Jay-Z Wants To Go Into A International Tour
Ten years ago, Jay-Z was a nobody, the hottest Brooklyn rapper back then being The Notorious B.I.G. . At that time Jay-Z wasn't even signed to a major label when his first record came out. Now, the rapper also known as Shawn Carter, is the president of Def Jam Records and one of the most successful and respected figures in rap history. "I am the nicest!" said Jay-Z smiling.

In an interview with The Associated Press who took place on Friday between his rehearsals for the Sunday night's commemorative show, Jay-Z announced that he will be going on tour starting this fall around the globe Seoul, Beirut, Dubai, Johannesburg and Sydney. This is just to name a few stops. "There's a lot of places I haven't been," explained Jay-Z. "They've heard my music but they've never really seen me perform live. ... This really makes me wanna go out and perform. I'm looking forward to going overseas", declared the rapper.

While the fans from the States won't see too soon another Jay-Z performance, they still may get a chance to hear some new music in the future though. Jay-Z vowed 2003's "The Black Album" would be his goodbye to the rap game. But his recent concert appearances and his guest appearances on tracks like girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend)Beyonce's new song have the industry screaming that a new Hova album may be on the horizon pretty soon.

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