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News: Young Buck Says G-Unit Are Alive And Well On World

Young Buck Says G-Unit Are Alive And Well On World
Young Buck addresses the omnipresent pressure of bringing back the Unit on his track the "Clean Up Man." Young Buck, in a very forthright manner, discusses the drop in record sales saying "[we] took a couple losses/still we some outlaws" which admits he knows the Unit isn't hitting home runs like they were a couple years back. But boldly, and I stress boldly, Buck proclaims he can shoulder the Unit through the slump saying, "I can carry the weight 50/put it on my shoulders/G-Unit is the gang/I'm a motherfuckin' solider." This is Buck's response to the doubters but not a very convincing one. G-Unit boss, 50 Cent, lends Buck a hand on perhaps the best track of the effort, "Hold On," an interesting mixture of jazzy funk and gangsta rap. The brass section sings on the underlying track while 50 and Buck trade bars about blasting firearms, their hoods, homies and families-you know the usual. 50 Cent's presence on the track overshadows Buck's very average rhymes and the production and feel of the track make it sound more like a 50 song than a Young Buck track. Buck struggles with creating his own sound making few solo appearances on his own album and having a litany of guests. "Push Em Back" has Buck going in solo but the track doesn't have much direction with the topics being the very cliché subject matter that is within most gangsta rap tracks and a very forgettable beat. "Buck the World," title track of the album, featuring Lyfe Jennings takes the album on a more interesting turn. Buck relates the hardships he conquered to make it to his current state of success. It chronicles his career. It is the most personal track on the album and proves to be a decent listen. Buck closes the album with "Lose My Mind," a very shocking effort to say the least. I applaud it because it's something different but that's where the props stop. The track is slow moving with blaring guitars and Buck's flow resembles that of a heavy metal rocker. He rattles of his bars half rhyming, half screaming. Who would have saw this one coming? It's different but different doesn't necessarily equate to good.

Will Buck save G-Unit with "Buck the World?" Hmmm...No. Buck tries to incorporate many different feels but fails in that you never really settle into the album. Some tracks have an East Coast feel, others West Coast. Some tracks are laid back and others are crunk. There's nothing wrong with a variety of feels on a LP but when you're moving from laid back straight into crunk with no transition it makes the album feel fragmented. Buck's claims he can bring the Unit back but there are so many guest appearances, it seems like he's saying he'll need help. Jeezy shows up twice, T.I. pops in, Snoop and Trick are on one track, MJG shows up and the list goes on. The production is solid. The rhymes could be better, but are not terrible. Content is weak and creativity is of the same grade which is common these days. It's safe to say pass on this one. Bottom line: It looks like 50 is the last hope for G-Unit.

It seems like every time a G-Unit project is released these days, the same conversation begins: Is this the end of the line for 50's crew? Fif, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck racked up multiple plaques the first go 'round of G-Unit's reign, with their solo albums and the group's collective effort, Beg for Mercy. But since then, subsequent releases by Tony Yayo and converts Mobb Deep, as well as Banks' sophomore selection, have all fallen way below expectations. Meanwhile, M.O.P., Olivia and Hot Rod are still bubbling on the backburner.

Enter Young Buck. The defiant Tennessee Titan - who has adamantly stayed true to the G-Unit company line, echoing 50's refrain: "It ain't over" - called MTV News and gave us the rundown on his upcoming album Buck the World, due March 27. Aside from the standard evolution-and-growth spiel, Buck boldly proclaimed his album - which features guest spots from 50, Young Jeezy, T.I., UGK and others - will be the one to curb the negative G-Unit chatter. And since he calls himself the "Clean Up Man".


The New York Daily News is reporting that rapper Young Buck was caught up in a fracas last Friday at New York hotspot Eugene. "It was one of those fights where everybody was going at each other," a witness told the paper of the fight involving the G-Unit artist and his entourage, which reportedly grew from a heated argument into physical blows. "Young Buck looked like he wanted a piece of the action and started swinging punches, too," the source added. No injuries were reported in relation to the incident.
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