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Rap: Random Facts About Rap

Random Facts About Rap
  • There was a Hip Hop album with the title "The Black Album" which was made by Producer No ID

  • Young Buck of G-Unit has a album out already....b4 UTP he made a album with some kid named D-Tay...this was like 2000.

  • Pharoahe Monch used to be real fat, he also has Asthma

  • Nas wrote NY State Of Mind when he was 17

  • Suge was the DOC and Bobby Brown's bodyguard. He got the ends and outs of the music buisness from DOC

  • Yeah Ashanti is in the "MC's Act Like They Don't Know" video

  • At one point, every single rap label warned their artists: "never publicly mention the Wu tang"
  • Ghostface beat up Mase causing him to have his jaw wired.

  • Jayz and Busta Rhymes attended the same high school and once battled in a hallway

  • Jemain dupri was the youngest producer ever to go platinum

  • Eazy e had dinner with george bush

  • Snoop dogg went to school with camron diaz

  • Esham, a pioneer in horrorcore rap in detroit, wrote some of the most vicious diss tracks to eminem....response was Bizzare sending Esham to the hospital with a ruptured eyeball, a mild concussion and loss of hearin in his left ear...

  • We all know The Notorious B.I.G. was killed in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. But, ironically, Biggie shouldn't have been in L.A. that weekend. Big, who'd been in L.A. since early February '97 promoting his 'Life After Death' album, was supposed to hop a flight to London on Friday, March 7, 1997, to continue his promotional junket. Biggie canceled his flight, and chose to remain in L.A. that weekend. He enjoyed the sunshine too much, and didn't want to leave it behind to go to an overcast London. Plus, he disliked European food. It may seem trite, but it's true. If Biggie had gotten on that flight on March 7th, he might still be with us.

  • Mase had a million dollar contract (and most probably he was the first rapper, to get that).

  • Kool Keith & DMX used to collects bugs.

  • DMX used to stand for "Divine Master of the unknown" (he should had kept that meaning)

  • Krazyzie Bone is a Jehovah Witness

  • Dre didnt like Snoop's raps, when he first heard them.

  • Just blaze got into producing, mostly to buy videogames.

  • Neptunes got some influence from old atari's music/sfx.

  • LL cool j wanted to do a song with odb. But when odb got to the studio. He rip off one of LL's plaque & pissed on it. Which made LL mad & got sercuity on him.

  • Mc hammer dissed redman in one of his song.

  • DMX first thought Biggie was soft. Since, he saw Big did somethin real stupid in the studio

  • Bad Azz was Snoop's ghostwriter.

  • Jay Z ghostwritten Dre's verse on "Forgot About Dre"

  • Ras Kass use to battle Snoop in High School

  • Ras Kass's baby mother is recording artist Teedra Moses who he helped get a deal

  • Lil Kim was at one time pregnant by BIG but had a miscarriage. She also use to transport drugs on the bus system for him.

  • Da Brat was the first female Hip Hop artist to go platinum

  • Eminem once battled Juice in the Rap Olympics and lost to him coming in 2nd and saying it was rigged/favortism. Juice was the reason Em was at the Rap Olympics through invitation.

  • Immortal Technique battled Poster Boy on 106 and Park and lost. Immortal Technique who use to battle in all of the underground battle circuits also battled Slug from Atmosphere and a few other well known underground battle mcs.

  • After Chino XL recorded the track 3 to the Dome for Sway and Tech with him, Kool G Rap and Kane, Kool G threw away his rhymes and Chino went into the trash and took the crumpled out rhyme out and kept it because he was such a big fan of Kool G.

  • Eminem was supposed to be signed to Duck Down BEFORE signing with Dre and Aftermath, but Dru Ha decided not to sign him (the rumor is because he did not want to chance singing a white artist).

  • Ghostface use to wear a mask earlier in the Wu's career because he was really on the run from the police and took off the mask once his name got cleared.

  • The original version of Interview with A Vampire written by Ras Kass was about a 12 minute song and was chopped down to the 7 minute song recorded on Rasasssination.

  • There is a long list of rappers who are not from or even raised in the areas they claim as rap artists. To name some:

    Prodigy is not from QB originally
    Xzibit is not from L.A., he moved there to pursue a career from N. Mexico
    Mailk from Illegal (appeared on Pump Pump on Snoop's Doggystlye) was from S.C. but claimed L.A.
    UGK is not from Houston, they are from Port Arthur Texas
    DOC as already said was from Dallas
    Canibus is not from Jersey like he originally claimed, but has lived in various places from Canada to Atlanta because of his family moving around.
    Royce Da 59 is not from Detroit, but from a nice suburb a good ways outside of Detroit
    Eminem is actually from Warren Michigan, not from Detroit
    DJ Premier is not from NY, he is from Dallas Texas

  • Ice T use to be a REAL street pimp and hustler at one time before becoming a rapper.

  • MC Hammer had to be restrained by Russell Simmons because he was going to attempt to beat down MC Serch after giving him the Gas Face on the song Gas Face.

  • Q-Tip and Janet Jackson have had a love interest in a long time, but remain friends. That is why Q-tip got the part as her slain boyfriend in Poetic Justice.

  • In Poetic Justice...2pac was supposed to have an extensice sex scene with Janet Jackson, but it was not shot when Pac refused to get an HIV test

  • Puffy directed Outkast's Player's Ball and Southernplayalistica dillacmuzik videos

  • Nore did time for murder when he was a juvenile.

  • Bizzie Bone and his siblings were molested repeatedly by their stepfather, and were kidnapped by him when their mother left him, which he says sparked his wild drug habit. Bizzie Bone also claims to have never tried eX, and claims that he was pressured into doing a verse on "Ectasy".

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